Justin Bieber's low-slung trousers look voted worst style of the century

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Justin Bieber certainly has a unique sense of style, but when he isn't busy rocking a gas mask in what we like to call Nelly The Elephant meets 1940s Blitz chic, he is a big fan of the low-slung trousers look. Unfortunately the population of the UK don't seem to be a massive fan of seeing his arse hanging out all over the place and have gone as far as to vote the under-the-bum look as the worst of the century.

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Justin Bieber Instagrams bum

We might only be 13 years into the 21st century, but there have been more questionable trends than you can shake a designer handbag at. Not that we're mentioning any names *COUGH Britney and Justin Timberlake in head to toe matching denim circa 2001*.

Apparently that's not as offensive as a bit of arse though and according to a survey run by Jones and Jones Fashion, 21% of women voted men who wear their trousers below their bums as the greatest fashion offenders, making the Biebs' look the biggest (and probably barest) fashion faux pas of the noughties so far.

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Bums hanging out were so disliked that they even beat boys in jeggings - a lycra fashion crime that even we as crotch-hugging enthusiasts can appreciate is just plain wrong - in to the top spot and which scored 17% of the vote, closely followed by shell suits. Ross from Friends and his leather trousers can also jog on as the skin-tight contraptions came in third and are apparently more hated by fashionista gals that boys in hot pants and fake designer manbags.

It seems that it's popstars like the Biebs who have made people most want to scrunch their faces up into a ball of horror though and one respondent to the survey who may have secretly been Liam Payne said: "Why do young guys think it’s ok to walk around with their backsides on display? What do they think they are, orangutans?

“Pop stars like Justin Bieber are setting a really bad example by adopting this horrendous trend. It really isn’t a good look, no matter how rich and famous you are.

“At least Bieber can afford to have clean white pants when he wears his low slung trousers. The only thing worse than this look is when it’s teamed with dirty underwear.”

Alright Grandma, no need to get your knickers in a twist. We have to say that you actually you may well be wrong. The only thing worse than that is this...

justin bieber


We definitely aren't against a bit of bum, although we'd prefer it to be bare than covered up in pants if it's all the same to you. But what do you think - agree with the survey or reckon this is a gross miscarriage or arse-related justice?

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