Easter Bunny Nail Art - Do it yourself

It's Easter, which means you have the perfect excuse to lay on the sofa all weekend absolutely doing nothing but watching films and seeing how many chocolate eggs you can fit in your mouth at once. But if you fancy giving something a bit creative a go, why not have a go at our Easter Bunny nail art?

It's so easy you could do it in your sleep (or just a sugar induced food coma)...

Easter bunny nail art - do it yourself

You will need:

Four or five pastel nail polishes.

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Three nail pens - a white, black and pink (or failing that, a cocktail stick and the three colours of polish).

A dotting tool.

Clear topcoat.

Some Mini Eggs (to keep your energy up).

Easter bunny nail art - do it yourself

Step one: Paint each nail a different colour using the pastel polishes. If you don't have five different colours then alternate what you have. Your ring finger is going to be the one with the bunny on it, so make sure that you paint it the colour you want it to be - we went for pale pink.

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Step two: Outline your bunny on your fourth finger using your dark nail pen. Alternatively you could use a little paint brush as it's a bit fiddly. We did ours at and angle to make it easier and when drawing the ears, make sure they're slightly larger than you'd want as the dark colour spreads in as it dries.

Easter bunny nail art - do it yourself

Step three: Fill in the rest of the nail in black leaving your bunny face in the base coat. Then add a face and use a pink pen to do the inside of the ears.

Step four: Use different colored polishes and your dotting tool (or just a cocktail stick) to make the rest of your nails look like speckled eggs. Finish with a clear topcoat when they are dry and voila!

Easter bunny nail art - do it yourself

Thay you have it, the most festive nails around.

What do you reckon - will you be giving it a go?

Comments please...

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