Perrie Edwards gets her neck and nose pierced - pics

Perrie Edwards has embraced her edgy side by getting some new body art, but instead of going down the One Direction tattoo route she's gone for the piercy option - and had the back of her neck pierced. OUCH.

Yep, the Little Mix gals have always been known for their individuality, often setting new trends by rocking pretty original outfits - and now Pezza has opted for a unique new addition to her look with the neck bar, which she debuted during a performance in California earlier this week.

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perrie edwards neck tattoo

Agh, imagine if it gets caught in her cardi or something - it's giving us goosebumps just thinking about it. Asked by a fan about the new piercing at a meet-and-greet after the performance, Pez confirmed what we thought the moment we clapped eyes on the thing, saying: 'it really hurt!'.

perrie edwards neck piercing

The geordie lass doesn't seem to mind the pain too much though - because she also showed off a new nose piercing at the event, as if the whole neck thang wasn't quite enough for us to take in at one time.

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Well to be fair, boyfriend Zayn's group 1D already have the market on tattoos pretty much covered - so perhaps Little Mix are going to make piercings their 'thing'. Jade will have an eyebrow bar before we know it. Heh.

perrie edwards piercing

Metal additions weren't the only change to Perrie's appearance either, she was also showing off her new locks, which have been dyed back to their original blonde after a lilac phase and brief pink dip dye. What do you make of P's piercing?

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