Hayley Williams' melting tights from Paramore's 'Still Into You' video - get the look

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So Paramore have released their AMAZING new video for Still Into You today, and there’s one thing we just can’t take our eyes off in the video. No, not Taylor Yorke’s face (well fine, we’ve been staring that at too) but Hayley Williams' weird egg-goo melting tights.

Hayley Williams

We’re fascinated by them, that’s for sure. They’re made out of latex and baby powder (sounds comfy) which  makes the gooey effect that Hayley rocks in the video. But we have so many questions - are they comfy? Warm? How hard are they to get on? And the most important question – WHERE CAN WE GET SOME?

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Hayley Williams

So if you’re a fan of Hayley’s melting tights we have good news for you! We’ve tracked down some handmade pairs from Urb Clothing and there are loads of colours! You might have to save up for a while though...

Neon Yellow Melting Tights - $55.00

Yellow goo tights

With these tights in your wardrobe you can channel your inner Hayley Williams and reenact the Still Into You video whenever you please. They slightly remind us of cracked eggs though.

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Neon Green Melting Tights - $55.00

Green Melting Tights

Go neon with these nuclear-green melting tights, people may be scared you're turning into the Hulk at first glance though.

Multitone Bubblegum Melting Tights - $55

Bubblegum Melting Tights

This pair is a bit more...well...pale, so if you're not one for the bold colours you could try these. But even still, if you're thinking of popping down to the shops in them, they probably won't go unnoticed.

And if those are too tame for you, you can go even more extreme with these designs (with a slightly higher price tag):

Black on Black Melting Tights - $60.00

Black on Black Melting Tights

We never knew that tights would be scary, but these terrify us. So many holes and so much black, very Halloweenish.

Messy Black and White Melting Tights - $60.00

Black on White Melting Tights

For $55 - $60 (that’s nearly £40!) these tights aren’t cheap in the slightest, so are you willing to pay this much for a pair of tights? Or do you think it's redonkulous to pay so much for something which makes it look like you’ve sat in a tin of paint? Comments please!

Images: Urb Clothing/Youtube

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