FIRST LOOK: Miley Cyrus flashes the sideboob for ELLE UK cover

Miley Cyrus is totally back in the fame game and now we've had the chance to hear a couple of tracks from all this music she's been banging on about for so long, she's decided to follow it up by appearing as the May covergirl for ELLE UK, looking pretty sultry in the process.

Miley Cyrus covers ELLE UK for May 2013 - pics

Showing off her tattoos, Miley's had a bit of a reinvention for the shoot and having had so much fun being a model for the day, she's ended up with not one cover, but two.

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Tweeting ELLE about the pics, she said: "Sometimes covers are hard to pick. Guess well just go with 2 covers! #2isbetterthan1."

Being a big old fashion lover, it looks like Milez had a great time strutting her stuff and the end result are definitely pretty sultry, showing off that pout and mahoosive quiff of hers. We also can't help noticing that despite being high fashion, there is rather a lot of sideboob going on - or mid-boob as we like to call it.

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Miley Cyrus covers ELLE UK for May 2013 - pics

What do you reckon, are you loving or loathing her sexy look?

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Miley's ELLE will be out on May 1 and you can find out more about what she got up to over at ELLE UK.

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