Katy Perry tells Little Mix's Perrie Edwards "I've got photos of you on my laptop"

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If we had to name our popstar hairspiration, the first person to spring to mind is Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. We basically try to copy everything she does with her 'do - which can prove very time-consuming given how bloody often she changes it. And it seems we're not the only ones who love Pezza's lilac and dream of that pink dip-dye, 'cause even Katy Perry's a massive fan.

Apparently when Perrie met Perry they spent the whole time gushing over each others' style - with Katy even admitting she has a stash of Pezza pics on her computer for inspiration.

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Katy Perry Perrie Edwards

Now we take a great deal of pride in our very carefully-organised boybands pictures folder on our comp, which is basically a comprehensive collection of fit pop lads categorised by era 90s-now, hair height and quantity of denim worn...and we're kinda relieved to hear that this is an acceptable thing to do. In an interview with Entertainmentwise, Perrie revealed that after gushing to Katy over her style, the California Gurl threw a great big complement back at her.

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Perrie Edwards

Appaz Katy told Pezza: "I love your hair. I've got photos of you on my laptop. I went 'I feel sick'. That's all I said. How embarrassing is that? I hope I get another opportunity to show my coolness." Oh my GAHD we love them. We need them to form a pop power duo a la Jedward and perform with massive wind machines and stuff while we bask in the glory of their brightly-coloured hair. And we're calling them Katy Perrie.

Whaddaya reckon? Ooh, who'd win in a HAIR OFF? Comments after this vid, please and a-thank you.



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