Anyone who is anyone releases a perfume these days, with the likes of Britney Spears, JLS, Cher Lloyd and even TOWIE's Amy Childs creating concotions for your smelling pleasure.

Baring this in mind, the only real question we had after hearing that One Direction will be launching their very own debut fragrance this summer was: 'WHAT TOOK YOU SO BLOODY LONG?'.

One Direction Ed Sheeran album

Yes, get ready to have your nostrils send spasms of delight into your brain - because in just a few short months time you and millions of others will be able to smell exactly how One Direction want you to smell.

Speaking about the smell based news, Niall Horan said: "As a band, we have been discussing making a fragrance for our fans for quite a while so we're really excited to finally have this opportunity.

"We've been working away on this and we're very proud of the way it has turned out - we really can't wait to hear what our fans think."

Their manager Will Bloomfield also chipped in, saying: "The band are incredibly passionate about this project and have been closely involved in the creation of the scent, the packaging and bottle design and the name itself. The name of the fragrance is still confidential, but more news will be revealed in early 2013."

PLEASE CAN YOU CALL IT CROTCH-THRUST? Or is that disgusting? You're right, it's disgusting.

One Direction hotel rooms

The debut scent will be the first in a whole collection of female perfumes designed by the boys, which got us thinking about what exactly it's going to smell like. LET'S CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITIES.

1. Autumn leaves and sex. After all, this is how Jack Whitehall once described the scent of Harry Styles.

2. Honey (to represent a Honey Badger, obvs) with an undertone of Eau de Peri-Peri. Sweet and Spicy, all at the same time.

3. The sweat of all five boys combined. DON'T MAKE THAT FACE YOU KNOW YOU'D STILL BUY IT.

4. Talcum powder and rosewater, because there's nothing Harreh likes more than the smell of an older lady. Heh.

5. A cup of tea - because then Louis won't be able to go to bed without you. Heh.

What do you reckon? Are you excited about this news? Watch this video of One Direction eating loads of doughnuts while you have a think.


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