Vanessa Hudgens is usually a bit of a fashionista, but she traded in her usual pile of bangles and floaty boho frocks for something a little bit louder to host music festival Electric Run this weekend. In fact we barely even recognised her in this fairly strange combo of neon pink wig and matching bear hat and yeti leg warmers.

Vanessa Hudgens dresses in pink wig and yeti leg warmers for Electric Run

More like her fanny bearing, Spring Breakers alter ego than the V-Hudge we're used to seeing looking all fashionable out and about in LA, she was working a cropped t-shirt, shiny fluro disco pants and a matching wig with a blunt fringe.

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The crazy clobber didn't stop there and despite bearing her stomach, she was obviously feeling so chilly that she appears to have mugged a yeti and decided to wear his hat and leg hair herself. Adding a black jumper tied round her waist, she piled on the bold make up, opting for metallic blue eyeshadow and a plummy shade of lip gloss.

What do you do when you've got all that and a packet of chips going on in your outfit? Oh just add an extra bit of face jewellery of course.

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Vanessa Hudgens dresses in pink wig and yeti leg warmers for Electric Run

To be honest, we don't even know where to start with this one. Either way, it's not the type of thing we're used to seeing except for at about 5am at a music festival when we're so tired we usually just assume we're hallucinating.

What do you reckon - big trend or utterly tragic?

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What do you think?