Beauty Review: One Direction's fragrance 'Our Moment'

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As you're probably well aware by now, we went down to the massive unveiling of One Direction's fragrance Our Moment last night, and while we didn't quite succeed in our plan to kidnap all five of the boys and lock them up in the Sugarscape office to stop them from jetting off on another leg of their tour, we *did* manage to score a sample of the fragrance to try out for all you lot. A-woo.

Now, we're sure you're all just dying to know exactly what this 1D perfume's like, eh? Well, because we're so kind, we're going to go ahead and give you our verdict on it, ages before it actually hits the shops.

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One DIrection perfume

What's it meant to smell like?

Inspired by and dedicated to One Direction's fans, Our Moment is intended to be a fruity, playful fragrance that reflects the essence of 1D. It's said to smell of splashes of fresh fruit and seasonal flowers mixed with undertones of warm musk and should leave an enticing scent on the skin. So, kind of like a dirty flower? Hmm.

What it actually smells like

Now, we may not be experts on all the fancy 'top notes' and 'infusions' perfume geniuses know all about, but we can tell you exactly what the bloomin' thing smells of without using a bunch of confusing words. To be fair, we think the fragrance definitely does reflect the essence of the lads, but maybe just a little differently than intended.

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To us, Our Moment smells like:

- Zayn's artsy side

- Liam's bad-ass shaved head

- Louis' hip thrusts

- One of Niall's snapbacks

- Harry's 10 foot quiff

To be more specific, Our Moment has a pretty great balance between smelling flowery without being too sickly sweet but also musky enough to last longer than 5 minutes. We sprayed our lovely cardboard Liam counterpart this morning and we're still getting whiffs of him now. This would be an ideal perfume for someone who's after a girly smell that isn't too overpowering.

One Direction perfume launch

What it looks like

While we think the actual fragrance is really good, we're a little less sure about the packaging. Even though the shape of the bottle is fine and we like the cute writing, the diamante detailing and huge mesh crown aren't exactly what we were expecting. We'd probably have preferred a simpler, more crotch-shaped bottle ouselves, but we suppose you can't have everything.

How much?

Our Moment's available in three different sizes and cost £21 for 30ml, £29 for 50ml and £39 for 100ml. Amazingly, there's also an Our Moment Shower Gel and Body Lotion to go on sale too - so if you fancy rubbing some 1D essence all over your bodies, those should be right up your alley.

Where can I get it?

The products will be hitting shelves exclusively at Harrods on 25th August and will then be available nationwide two weeks later, from the 9th September.

Our verdict

Though we find it hard not to be biased when it comes to all things One Direction, we can honestly say that their perfume is pretty damn good. We're sure our sample bottle in the office will be running out insanely quickly but in the mean time we're going to be embracing smelling like one of the Sasquatch's hip thrusts like nobody's business.

Will you be picking up Our Moment when it hits the shops? What do you want the fragrance to smell like? Comments please...

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