The British public have a sniff of One Direction's Our Moment Perfume : 'Harry would smell dirtier than this' - WATCH

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It would be big fat porky to say that we don't spend a considerable fraction of our free time daydreaming what we'd smell if we were lucky enough to get close enough to Niall Horan to have a casual sniff of his chest. Luckily One Direction have finally taken this into account and having launched debut perfume Our Moment in London this week, it seems like the world might finally get a chance to rub a bit of 1D into all their nooks and crannies.

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The British public smell One Direction's Our Moment - including Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Sort of.

But with it not hitting the shops until August, there are a few questions that pictures of a pretty pink bottle just can't answer. Does it really smell as much of crotch thrusts, gigantic quiffs and honey flavoured badgers as the public are expecting?

Don't you worry about that though as having managed to get our hands on a sample of Our Moment, there was really only one thing we could do and that was head out onto the streets and spray it on as many of the general public as possible. Well, after we'd doused ourselves and our cardboard cut out of Liam Payne, anyway.

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There were some pretty interesting reactions too, so if you are agog to find out what eau de 1D really smells of, then you might like this little video of people not only trying to guess which celeb it belongs to, but also telling us if it's actually how they imagined the lads' body parts to smell. You might even see a few celeb sniffers in there if you watch really carefully...


Oh Thomas Pickles, please can you be our boyfriend? That is if your not too busy sniffing Zayn.

We still think it smells like Niall's elbows, but what do you think about all this? Enjoy how "familiar" old Taylor Swift's double found Our Moment?

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