Miley Cyrus in mental 'half-n-half' trousers and PVC jacket at Myspace event in LA - trend or tragic?

It's fair to say that Miley Cyrus likes to get adventurous in the fashion department these days - from monochrome bodysuits to a dress made out of mesh her recent style decisions have us uhhming and ahhing over whether she's a fashwaan genius, or needs a complete wardrobe clear out.

Last night's This is MySpace event in Los Angeles didn't do anything to help our dilemma either - because the Milester rocked up in an outfit that took the phrase 'an original look' to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

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miley cyrus

Behold, the 'half n half' trousers. NO YOUR EYES ARE NOT DECIEVING YOU - Miley's legs are indeed clad in both tracksuit pants and jeans at the same time.

We're not even sure if 'half n half' is the correct term. They could equally have a name like 'Jeggers' (jeans and joggers) or 'trackeans' (tracksuit and jeans).

Perhaps she couldn't decide between the two, and in a fit of daring hacked both pairs of trousers to pieces before stiching them together? Or maybe she was trying to distract attention away from that lady in front, whose underwear we can clearly see through her trousers.

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Before we boggle our minds too much though, let's have a quick look at the rest of Miley's outfit - which included a super cropped crop top, PVC jacket last seen in the window of that, erm, 'adult' store near our office and some snazzy Louboutin shoes.

She finished the look off with a punky quiff, red lips, lashings of mascara (if they're not fake we are so jealous it's unreal) and what we like to call a 'strong brow'.

miley cyrus crazy trousers

So, here comes the million dollar question - Miley's outfit, is it a trend? Or is it just tragic? Tell us what you think in the comment box below...

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