Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson's new hair and cut-out dress - trend or tragic?

You know that feeling after you've eaten a big meal and you just *HAVE* to loosen your belt or risk being cut in half? Well, Lucy Watson would have been in a whole world of trouble should she have decided to stuff her face last night, after stepping out in this strap based cut out frock.

The Made in Chelsea star arrived at yesterday's Company Magazine party in a dress that replaced it's entire middle section with a pair of belts - or perhaps a spare horse bridle that was lying around her presumably massive estate.

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lucy watson company

Watso teamed the skater-style frock with a pair of chunky velvet platforms, a fairly sizeable black bag and an expression that just screams: 'Look what you're missing Spenny, you big Pratt' (pun intended).

She also debuted some new hair - LET'S TALK ABOUT HER NEW HAIR.

lucy watson bridle

Longer than before and with a hint of ombre, Lucy opted for soft curls that LOOK as though they just sort of fell that way when she hopped out of her (probably massive and very posh) bed that morning, but in reality are probably the result of several hours in a salon.

We hope so anyway, otherwise life really isn't fair.

What do you reckon - trend or tragic?

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Images: REX Features

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