Ke$ha works face paint and a headband at the Radio 1 studios - love or loathe

It's often said that if you were to stick a pin in Ke$ha's behind, she would explode into a cloud of glitter, sequins and Harry Styles shaped confetti. Ok, it's not actually often said, but we still think there is at least a 43% chance it's true. Anyway, despite the fact it was about 8am and not wanting to disappoint the sequin loving masses, Ke$ha was rocking a full face of glittery paint on her chops when she arrived at the Radio 1 Studios this morning.

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Heading down for a chat with Nick Grimshaw on the Breakfast Show, Ke$ha was looking a bit like she hadn't quite managed to go to bed yet and was working a full face of glitter with an all black, sheer outfit.

Chucking a lacy shirt over a black bra and shorts, she added some swirly patterned tights and some pointy black flats that kind of remind us of our school shoes back in the day. Frankly this outfit was all about the face thing she had going on though, and getting in there with some very bold, smokey eyes, she added a beaded headband over backcombed locks for even more of an out there effect.

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Ke$ha at Radio 1

We reckon that while it's not one we'd necessarily wear down the shops at 7am, this is a pretty solid festival look. But what do you reckon?

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