We don't know about you, but we've never considered Cher Lloyd to be a sheep when it comes to following trends. This is the girl who broke the X Factor mould with her audition and released bloody Swagger Jagger, for God's sake. So you can imagine our surprise when she rocked up to the iHeartRadio party at swanky Las Vegas nightclub Haze looking like she'd raided Robin Thicke's VMAs wardrobe.

But thankfully for us she looked frickin' amazing and there wasn't a foam finger in sight. Hooray.

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Cher Lloyd iHeartRadio party - Cher Lloyd images - sugarscape.com

Cher well and truly worked her monochrome look, going for a trendy little stripy crop top, black jeans and mahoosive statement gold chain necklace to match her metallic heeled trainers. Or 'sneakers' as she probably calls them now she's gone all American and stuff.

Cher Lloyd iHeartRadio party - Cher Lloyd images - sugarscape.com

Make-up wise, Cher went for her trademark strong brow (they've come a long way since the Turn My Swag On days, haven't they?), the longest lashes of all time ever and a slick of shocking pink lippy. And how X Factor era is that up-do and bandana combo? LOVE IT.

What do you make of Cher's look? One of her best? Comments in the shiny little box below, please.

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