Selena Gomez does oversized scarf chic in LA - trend or tragic?

It's fair to say that Selena Gomez is pretty much a goddess when it comes to style - rocking awesome look after awesome look at various events - and while she's a pro at working a cut-out dress or backless number, she also does casual chic oh so well.

Take yesterday, for example, when Sel nipped out for a spot of raw fish - otherwise known as sushi - with a pal in Los Angeles.

Selena gomez oversized scarf - selena gomez images -

Keeping things simple, Selena opted for skinny jeans, a loose t-shirt and nude strappy wedges, topping things off with the staple of any celeb worth her salt - a mahoosive bag. Seriously, she could fit Justin Bieber in there.

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However, the accessory that really stole the show was, of course, Selena's oversized scarf - which looks a bit like it's eating her.

selena gomez oversized sushi - selena gomez images -

Huge, floral, and very very warm looking - the neck warmer could probably be used as an emergency tent, should Sel feel the need to do a bit of impromtu camping.

We're loving the overall dressed down look, but what do you lot think... is that monster of a scarf bang on trend, or just tragic?

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