Exclusive: Lou Teasdale talks favourite One Direction hair styles and whose hair she'd most like to shave off

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If there's one question that lingers in the minds of people across the world, it's probably the universal concern over just how One Direction's hair stays so big and bouncy without ever looking dry or droopy. But don't you worry as hair guru Lou Teasdale is on hand to clear a few of the hairiest conundrums up for good.

Now, if you don't know exactly who Lou is, you may need to take a step back to reassess your priorities, because not only is she currently off on tour with 1D, but she's the gal we all have to thank for the magic that is their hair. That's right, SHE GETS PAID to run her fingers through their hair.

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As if being responsible for making sure Zayn Malik's quiff doesn't crumble on stage wasn't enough to be going on with, she's also just been announced as an Ambassador for Fudge Urban and to celebrate we cornered her to clear up a few of the mind-boggling questions. Like whose hair she most wants to shave off, what bold and bright colours are gonna be big this winter and probably most importantly of all, just what you need to get the boys' hair in your life just as erect as the 1D lads is.

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Lou Tesdale talks styling One Direction's hair. 1D images - sugarscape.com

Hiya Lou! So what are the hair essentials you couldn't do without when you’re off on the road on tour with the lads?

Definitely Fudge Matte Hed Gas… basically its really strong and sticky and once I've finished styling the hair I give it a mist of Hed Gas and it just stays put the whole way through the show.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about dyeing their hair a jazzy colour for the first time? Any favourite colours or washes for winter?

Yeah go for it - pastel colours are too summery and its not sunny anymore (boring), so you need cooler darker grungier crazy colours like orange and purple for autumn and winter.

What’s the secret to a good fringe? Any top tips for maintaining a big choppy one when it’s drizzly and cold and generally horrific outside?

Yep, go with the curly fringe - it’s all about curly fringe! But if you don't like curly fringe then use a tiny bit of Fudge Urban Sea Salt Texturising Spray and blow dry round a round brush and it should stay nice all day long.

We're sure it essentially the unanswearble question, but whose hair is the most fun to work with when your styling 1D for a show or shoot?

My favourite hair at the moment is Louis' because it's got really long and he lets me do fun stuff with it... We have 5 Seconds of Summer on tour with us too and doing Michael's hair is obvs WAY more fun though, sorry lads. 

Louis Tomlinson Niall Horan

For boys looking for a quiff as big as Zayn’s, what products and styling tips would you recommend?

Boys are quite useless with a round brush and a hair dryer so the best thing to use for a lad to get big hair is something like Fudge Urban Powder Styler, which changes your life.

What is the secret to maintaining big curls like Harry’s? Are they really full of secrets a la Regina George off of Mean Girls?

The secret to curls is to let them dry naturally, but if you need to get ready quick invest in a good old 80's diffuser attachment for your hairdryer. Not even joking.

What products do we need to whack on our locks to get our hair as wavy, shiny and generally as lovely as your own?

If you're lucky enough to have long wavy hair (or like me, extended wavy hair) then you'll probably find you have greasy roots and dry ends, and you need to get to dry powdery roots with glossy ends for that babe, beachy look.

To make that happen I'd use Fudge Urban Dry shampoo on your roots and then a tiny bit of the Fudge Urban 3 in 1 Miracle Moisture Stuff on the ends.

If you had free reign to do absolutely anything to a member of 1D’s hair, what would you do?

Shave Liam's head again and then grow Zayn's hair long again. I'm not winning on either.

Lou Tesdale talks styling One Direction's hair. 1D images - sugarscape.com

Can you confirm for us what 1D’s hair actually smells of. Conflicting reports from Louis and Niall suggest Harry’s smells of new born babies and cinnamon.

You couldn't be more wrong! Actually it smells of a combination of the One Direction perfume, some Fudge Urban Raspberry and Vanilla Hair Spray and tour catering.

That sounds heavenly. So last question - what’s the worst haircut or hair-related disaster you’ve ever had?

Erm, my whole fringe snapped off once from home bleaching. Could call it a disaster?

Yeah, we probably would. That or so fashion forward it's kinda backwards...

What do you make of Lou's magical hair tips? Given you any ideas on your own hair or perhaps sneakily doing your boyfriend's in his sleep?

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