Harry Styles' man bun: Let's discuss

It takes a certain kind of man to be able to rock a messy bun more effectively than half the female population, but apparently, Harry Styles is such a bloke. Long gone are the days of Haz’s chocolate curls rippling like a unicorn mane in the wind. He’s discovered that such a thing as a bobble exists, and the result is both magical and confusing, all at once.

It’s time we introduced you to Harry Styles’ mini man bun. Let’s discuss.

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Harry Styles hair

So, it’s happened. There’s nothing we can do to change that, folks, so let’s just accept it. Obviously, the lion mane has grown a little out of control and Harry’s too lazy to book an appointment to get it sorted, so he’s pulled it back into the world’s smallest pony tail to keep it out of that lovely face of his.

But could there be more to this totes-on-trend hairstyle than meets the eye?

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The first conclusion we reached was that he’s been spending far too much time with Baby Lux, and is now using her as hairspiration to copy her teeny weeny pony tail. She is quite an icon in all fairness.

Harry Styles

But reflecting further, we also considered the idea that he’s trying to grow the bodacious curls down to his bum in an attempt at a career change. Yep, he’s going to become a Disney Princess in Disneyland. Probably Belle, we reckon.

Another very real possibility is that Harry’s been swotting up too much on fan fiction. The girls in that are forever ‘throwing my hair into a messy bun’ before they bump into 1D in a cafe, aren't they? Just a thought.

Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. MAYBE HE JUST FANCIED FEELING PRETTY FOR ONCE.

Harry Styles hair

Whatever the reason for the arrival of the man bun, we’re welcoming it with open arms. We’d quite like to poke it, we’d quite like to smell it (our bet is that it smells of strawberry laces and a touch of man sweat), and we’d also quite like to chop it off, keep it under our pillow, and let the curls roam free...

Harry Styles

You guys, we need to discuss this. What are your thoughts on Harry’s latest look? Are you loving the man bun, or does it need to go PRONTO? Let us know in the comments box below.


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