Cheap and easy DIY Halloween costumes: Miley Cyrus, Carrie, Veronica Malik, Katniss Everdeen and more

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We're cheapskates - there, we said it - and that means finding a Halloween costume that not only looks awesome and is easy to chuck on, but something that won't break the bank either. So if you're also on the hunt for a disguise that'll leave you enough cash left over to stuff your face with sweets, we've got a few ideas of our own, starting with a blood spattered Carrie, Katniss Everdeen Vampire Diaries baddie Katherine Pierce and the one and only Veronica Malik.

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Oh, and then there's Red Coat from Pretty Little Liars, Miley Cyrus and her controversial foam finger friend from this year's VMAs.

Miley Cyrus in a leotard with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV VMA's - Miley yrus twerk images -

Probably one for the braver of you, why not get all rebellious and get your Miley on? Masking tape a teddy bear to your back, put your hair in two buns, chuck this lot on and you're ready to go.

Well, the idea of Miley rubbing her bum on you is fairly terrifying. Maybe make your best pal go as a murdered Hannah Montana for extra edginess.

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Grey leotard - £11.50 from American Apparel.
Flesh coloured tights (what? It's cold out and we're more modest that Miley) - £14.00 from American Apparel.
Foam finger - £9.76 on Amazon.
Packet of sharpies (to draw your teddy face on your leotard) - £4.99 from Ryman's.
Gold chain necklace - £7.00 from Claire's.
Lip paint in Pillar Box Red - £4.49 from Barry M.

It's also worth mentioning that while we've tracked down all the bits to buy on the high street, it's always worth hitting the charity shops to see if you can find any basics to cut up/deface/chuck fake blood all over.

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Katherine Pierce or Elena costume - vampire diaries

As much as we love Elena, it wouldn't be The Vampire Diaries without bitchy bad ass, Katherine Pierce. Plus she looked really cool that time they went to the masquerade. For this one you basically need big hair, a mask and a nice frock. Plus some fake fangs and a few drops of blood on your face and you're ready to go.

Dress up as Elena from The Vampire Diaries for Halloween - images


Black velvet and chiffon skater dress (on model) - £22.00 from PrettyLittleThing
Katherine Pierce style masquerade mask - £19.99 from eBay
Rimmel Moisture Renew lippy in Red Diva - £6.30 from Ocado.
Tara velvet caged swing dress - £24.99 from Missguided.
Black glitter heels - £19.99 from New Look

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Who doesn't love Where's Wally? You might know him as Waldo if you're American.

Half sleeve Breton stripe top - £20.00 from Topshop.
Denim skater skirt - £12.50 from River Island at ASOS.
Red and white striped tights - £3.99 from Banana's Fancy Dress.
Geek glasses and bobble hat set - £5.49 from Jokers' Masquerade.

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With Catching Fire just around the corner, it seems fairly appropriate to have a bit of a Katniss moment. You're gonna need to nick a bow and arrow from your little brother (or buy one) and rock a braid, but that's pretty easy with this lot:

Dress up as Katniss Everdeen for Hallowee - cheap high street fancy dress

Black hoodie - £14.99 from New Look
Green vest - £7.00 from Topman
Blac zip side jeggings - £19.99 from New Look
Toy bow and arrow - £3.50 from Revival
Mockingjay pin - £1.35 from Amazon
Brown leather riding boots - £39.99 from New Look

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This one might seem messy, but it's also the easiest outfit in the land, so all you lazy bones type people listen up. We're thinking Carrie - you know, when she gets pig's blood poured all over her and unleashes her inner crazy - mainly as we're WELL excited to see the re-make with Chloe Moretz in the title role.

Chloe Moretz Carrie

Basically all you need to do for this one is assemble your prom type outfit - we're thinking charity shop dress, blonde wig, prom queen tiara and a flowery hair bobby clipped onto some ribbon as a make shift corsage. Make sure they aren't things you will EVER want to use again as they will be ruined. Then pour blood over your WIG (not your hair, you'll probably regret it), let it drip down and dry. This is best done IN ADVANCE and over something that isn't going to be stained, ie, stand in the shower or on a bin bag in you're garden.

Cheap and easy Hallowwen costume ideas -

White maxi dress - £4.00 from Fashion Union.
Scary blonde wig - £4.54 from Fun Fancy Dress.
Plastic tiara - £3.50 from Claire's.
Fake blood - £0.99 from Party Delights.
Flowery clip - £4.50 from Claire's.

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Cheap Halloween costume ideas - 

Duh, it's a skeleton AND it's a onesie. What more could you ever want?

Pick yours up for £39.99 from Kigu OR get yourself a black tee and leggings, cut out bones from paper or white material and tack/glue gun them on. ET VOILA.

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Week's Best Dressed - Veronica Malik Selena Gomez and Naya Rivera

There's no doubt in our mind that Veronica Malik has made us question our sexuality somewhat, but either way, nothing says Halloween like an excuse for a girl to dress up as a boy dressed up as a girl, does it? For this one the outfit is pretty simple - a shirt and pencil skirt will do just fine, but it's all in the detail, like the eyeliner stubble you are going to need to draw on your face.

The Bradford Bad Boy would be proud.

Zayn Malik Veronica costume for Halloween - iamges -

Grey utility shirt - £17.99 from New Look
Black tube skirt - £12.99 from New Look
Scarf (to tie around your head) - £20.00 from Accessorize
Zayn Malik mask - £2.00 from River Island
Eye liner (for stubble) - £4.49 from Barry M

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Pretty Little Liars images -

Dressing up as Pretty Little Liars' Red Coat is probably the easiest disguise around. Mainly as all you really need is a red coat. A blonde wig poking out of your hood might be a good one and a bit of fake blood never hurts either, but let's start things off with either this red hooded duffle (that's probs more perfect if you're happy to invest in a proper new coat for the winter), which is £75.00 at ASOS, For a more disposable option, there are very similar coats that won't break the bank with the one on the left below for £22.50 at Heatons, and one here that's £15.99 on eBay.

Pretty Little Liars Red Coat Halloween costume images - 


Has that lot given you any ideas? Let us know what you'll be rocking below...

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