Lady Gaga wears a dress made from old skin (well, it's meant to look like it anyway) - PICS

We’re only just recovering from Lady Gaga’s nearly naked X Factor performance on Sunday (seriously, that crawling will haunt us for a while). So when we googled her this morning to find out what she’d been up to since, we nearly declared that we were SO DONE, when we saw that she’d been wearing a dress made of OLD SKIN. Yep. Old. Skin.

Turns out that news websites were just trying to cause a bit of a stir with a good old misleading headline, and actually it just looks a bit like old skin, so that's not quite as good but it’s still a frickin’ weird dress.

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Lady Gaga

AGH. While it’s not exactly as vom-causingly gross as we originally thought, Gaga’s latest ensemble was definitely still aboslutely ruddy terrifying. She stepped out from her London hotel in this cream coloured dress, which featured a high neckline, slashed sleeves and a crazy full fringed skirt, which to be fair, did look a bit like a snake shedding its skin or something.

She teamed the frock with a very fetching matching headdress, which looked super fierce when paired with her flying platinum blonde locks. It’s a bit like that bit in Lord of the Rings isn’t it, when the Cate Blanchett goes all creepy, isn't it?

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As if Gaga’s gown wasn’t ermm... striking enough, she bleached her skin out from head to toe with white paint for a seriously creepy beauty look, and added a touch of icy pink blush and blood-red lips to make sure that she remains in our nightmares for the rest of time.

Lady Gaga


Well, sorry if you were expecting to see her in frock full of old foot shavings or something, but we’re fairly sure that you’ll still be creeped out after seeing the finished look. Oh Gaga, you don’t half spoil us with potential Halloween costumes.

What do you think of Gaga’s latest look? Terrified? Yep, us too.

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