Miley Cyrus's younger sister Noah shaves her hair off for an edgy new cut - WATCH

It looks like the Cyrus family just CAN’T STOP (and they woooon’t stop) going bald, as Miley isn’t the only member to have got a bit scissor happy to shave off her barnet.

Now, her younger sister Noah has followed in her footsteps to hop into the hairdressers chair and wave goodbye to the Miley-bun. Well, not quite to the same extent, but it’s still an edgy new ‘do. AND LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS ABOUT IT.

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Noah Cyrus

Noah showed off her dramatic new makeover in a YouTube video which was then shared by E! news, showing her looking a little bit like she doesn’t really know what the frick is going on as her hairdresser first snips off a little side pony, before shaving off the whole section.

It’s not quite as drastic as when Miley debuted her new look back in November last year, but it’s a pretty big undercut, leaving her with a much more edgy, asymmetrical hairstyle that wouldn't look out of place on the Bangerz album cover.

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Noah Cyrus

Let’s all just club together and make sure that her tongue stays firmly in her mouth, keep her away from the nude bikinis when she pops to the shops, and don’t let Robin Thicke come round for tea any time soon.

Watch Noah get the big chop in the video below. It’ll literally make you grab onto your hair for dear life.

What do you think of Noah’s new Miley-spired style? Do you love her quirky new ‘do, or is she copying Miley too much? Chuck us a comment and let us know.

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