One Direction's Our Moment beating Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and basically EVERYONE in the fragrance war

So it's OFFISH. According to sales figures, more people would rather smell like the inside of Niall Horan’s armpit, Zayn Malik’s earring, Liam Payne’s freshly washed boxers, the essence of Louis Tomlinson’s sass, and Harry Styles’ hair than any other celebs going. HURRAH. (These may or may not be the actual notes of Our Moment).

Yup, One Direction’s perfume is officially leading the battle for the best selling famous folk fragrance of Christmas 2013. We’re not ashamed to admit that a good two thirds of the sales are probably from us buying it for every single person we know to try and make the world smell a better place.

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Our Moment

If you want to get all scientific, 1D and Our Moment has actually sold at least FIVE TIMES as much as any other celeb fragrance going, with one bottle being bagged by customers every MINUTE.

That’s a whole lot of delicious smelling peeps, isn’t it? Not bad for five lads who probably think girls smell like candy floss and hairspray.

Coming a not-so-close second to One Direction is Lady Gaga, with her black-coloured perfume, Fame, with Britney Spears’ Fantasy taking third, followed by Nicki Minaj with Pink Friday. Maybe they all should have gone for a Martine McCutcheon inspired name, ey?

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Our Moment Zayn

Things aren’t smelling quite so sweet for Justin Bieber though, whose wiffy wonder The Key has only landed in a pretty rubbish fifth place, and Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck got a pretty stinky 6th, despite being the biggest seller last year.

Don’t know about you, but we don’t exactly find it surprising that people are trying their very best to attract Niall’s nostrils to their neck. We’ll try anything to achieve the dream.

Niall Our Moment

Are you a big fan of spritzing Our Moment over yourself, or are you hoping to bag it for Crimbo? Is it your fave celeb fragrance? Let us know in the comments below.

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