Beauty treats you can book in for at Glastonbury to stop you looking too gross

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If you're heading to Glastonbury Festival this year, the chances are that you've resigned yourself to spending 3-5 days smelling like an old sock, looking like a grease ball and wearing the mud as your makeup. For loads of people, it's all part of the fun to be gross af for the entire time, but if you wanna do Glasto with more glamour then have no fear.

Did you know that there's a handful of pop up salons all over the place for the whole of the weekend? You can book yourself in for all sorts of dreamy beauty pamper sessions like hairwashes (heaven), blow dries, makeup AND face paint.

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So we've tracked down a handful of our fave beauty options at Glastonbury this year, for anyone who fancies a bit of a special treat in between all of the dancing.

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For the first couple of days, your hair will probably stay pretty fleeky from the last time you had a sacred shower at home, but by day three the braids will be out, and by day four it's entering serious greaseball territory.

But rather than just sticking your head in a bucket and hoping for the best, you can actually book in to a proper hairdressers who'll sort it all out for you, and give you a much needed pamper session after all that mud-wading.

Fix Up Look Fab are offering full hair washes for just £10, while a wash and blow will cost you £25. If that's a bit steep, you can just use the DIY station at their pop up salon and do your own, with 15 minutes at the dressing table costing £15. AWOO.



Half of the fun of being at a festival is that you can completely mix up your typical beauty vibes, so don't be afraid to ditch the natural look and opt for handfuls of glitter, a rainbow of colours and a sprinkling of sequins, too. 

You might not wanna take your whole makeup kit with you to leave shoved in the corner of the tent, so let the experts do the hard work for you instead. All of the pop ups are offering speedy makeup sessions, with The Glamour and Grooming Bar on hand to solve all of your glittery needs for £12, while face paint and a bit of extra glitter will be around £15. SPARKLES.


While you might be totally cool with sticking to Kardashian braids for the whole weekend, something that might need a bit of TLC is your lovely face. It'll take a battering with all of that sunshine (optimistic? Probs), and let's not even go there when it comes to relying on face wipes for the duration.

The gals down at The Glamour & Grooming Bar are offering dreamy facials at their pop up salon, with an express li'l 15 minute treat up for £20, and the full, luxury 45 minute shebang for £40.


Whether you end up spending the weekend chilling on the grass in the sunshine, or paddling your way through a gentle river of rainwater, your nails AIN'T gonna be looking too cute after a day or two of mud, mud and more mud. 

For ultimate luxury princess vibes you can bag yourself a manicure, file, polish and paint job to get them looking on fleek for £25, or if you wanna go even fancier then a li'l bit of cute nail art will set you back about £2 per nail. Sitting in The Glamour & Grooming Bar with your pals to get your nails done might seem like a pretty great idea when it starts chucking it down... Just sayin'.


It's not just girls who wanna keep things groomed at Glasto, y'know. All of the pop up salons offer special treatment packages for guys too. If things are getting a bit wild in the beard department, lads could head to see milk_shake at their salon in the Pop Up Hotel & Motel, where a 20 minute wet shave is only £20, while a full shampoo, cut and style for the bartnet is only a tenner more. Bargain, boys.


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