Justin Bieber gives emotional speech during V Festival headline performance: 'I didn't value my life'

​Plus a performance of 'Baby' for old time's sake.

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V Festival is in full swing and having jetted over to the UK especially for the occasion, Justin Bieber took to the stage to headline the Chelmsford festival on Saturday night.

But despite some criticism on social media for being 'hungover' and 'miming', JB pretty much slayed his set, even taking a few minutes of quiet time to share some emotional thoughts with fans before singing 'Life Is Worth Living'.

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"We don't value life as much as we should," he told the crows. "I went through a period where I didn't value life as much as I do now, but life is a gift.

"We're together for a reason. I don't think God makes mistakes."

Apparently referencing the increasing number of recent terrorism related tragedies around the world, he continued: "Some really bad things happen in the world but love wins.

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"I hope you guys can walk away feeling a little bit more encouraged after my show. I know you're not here to hear me speak but for me to play some music but life is worth living."

As if that wasn't enough to give you all the feelings, JB also performed 'Baby' for old time's sake and it was just as glorious as ever.


Told you it was great.

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