Ariana Grande planning to quit acting after Sam & Cat comes to an end

WOAH NOW, don’t get us wrong - we do mostly love Ariana Grande for her voice of a thousand angels, and Yours Truly has pretty much been on repeat since it was released back in August, but we’re also quite partial to watching her do her thing on the small screen.

But even though she's pretty talented in both departments, Ariana’s acting days might already be over, as she’s revealed that she’s thnking about ditching the TV stuff to focus purely on her music career. Oh, alright then.

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Ariana Grande

Chatting about the ol' day job to Complex magazine, La Grande confessed that becoming an acting SENSATION had never actually been her plan, but just took on the role of crazy Cat Valentine on Sam & Cat as a stepping stone to help her land her dream record deal.

Ariana admitted: “I never liked acting. I auditioned for TV just to get a platform to get a record deal, but then I fell in love with acting because it was fun.”

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But now that she’s well and truly conquered Nickelodeon with a bit of help from her mate Jennette McCurdy, she’s planning to move on to bigger and more musical things to get back behind the microphone where she feels right at home.

“After I’m done playing Cat Valentine I don’t see myself doing much acting. But I would like to do a scary movie, or a musical.”

Ariana Grande

We reckon she’d make a pretty good ‘Screaming Girl #2 Hiding Behind Tree’ in the next big blockbuster horror flick, or maybe ‘Second Youngest Sister’ in Sound of Music. JUST JOKING, she’d definitely bag a leading role, and our local panto is auditioning at the moment, so hit us up if you fancy a part, Ariana.

Gutted to hear that Ariana’s thinking about quitting the acting world, or glad that she wants to focus on her toooones? Comments please.

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