Vampire Academy releases first UK poster: exclusive

Get yer fake fangs out and stock up on the fake blood - because brand new movie Vampire Academy is on it's way to a cinema screen near you, and we've got our hands EXCLUSIVELY on the first UK poster.

From the director of Mean Girls (Christ, imagine Regina George with fangs) the film is an adaptation of the first book in Richelle Mead's awesome Vampire Academy novel series, Blood Sisters.

vampire academy exclusive uk poster - vampire academy images -

The snazzy new poster sees Lucy Fry and Zoey Deutsch - who play leading ladies Lissa and Rose - being all sassy as they stride down a school hallway, above the tagline 'They Suck At School'.

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We see what you did there, movie peeps, and we LIKE IT.

For those who haven't read the books the Vampire Academy series takes place in a school that trains up goodie vampires to fight baddie vampires (we're keeping it simple here folks).

What do you reckon - loving the poster for the new flick?

Vampire Academy is released in the UK on April 23rd

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