One Direction preview their performance of 'What Makes "U" Useful' on Sesame Street - WATCH

One Direction might be a multi-award winning boyband with hair so good that it has approximately 34 fan accounts of its own on Twitter, but there are a few things that still bamboozle the 1D lads on a daily basis. No, we don't mean doing their taxes or working out how to shoehorn Zayn Malik into those skin-tight jeans of his - they've got that down - but ther ABCs. 

So it's pretty lucky Big Bird and the Sesame Street crew are here to help them learn the alphabet, isn't it?

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Sesame Street

Image: Sesame Street / Twitter

Set to make an appearance on the show later on this year, it seems that Big Bird decided to make the most of the lads' popping in to share a few life lessons with them - starting with how they can use words involving the letter 'U' on a daily basis.

Unfortunately it seems that Niall found his traditional methods of teaching rather challenging and after spending all his time staring out the window at pigeons instead of concentrating, Big Bird has come up with a rather novel method of one to one tuition. A method involving some singing and a pretty awesome interpretation of 'What Makes You Beautiful,' which has now been renamed as 'What Makes 'U' Useful.'

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Have a watch below:

Well that was utterly and unequivocally unusual, was it not? What do you make of 1D's new jobs as teachers?

Comments please...

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