Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson mess around in awesome outtakes from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - WATCH

As much as we LURVE Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult as a couple, there’ll always be a teeny weeny part of us trapped in the world of The Hunger Games that wishes she’d become a real life couple with Josh Hutcherson. Ahhh, the #Peeniss dream.

Don’t worry, we’re totes joking (sort of), but we do have a serious soft spot for the amazing friendship between J-Law and Hutcho, and some of their finest ever BFF moments have been captured in a brand new, awesome behind the scenes vid. HURRAH.

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Jennifer and Josh

To go alongside The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on DVD, the super cute new clip features never-before-seen outtakes from the set of the movie, of Jen and Josh having a right lark around, which are sure to send you into a pool of feels.

Josh spills all about his bestie and their FABOOSH friendship, explaining: “Jennifer and I have a friendship that’s unparalleled with any other actor I’ve ever met before. It’s special, unique... We’re both very comfortable acting like crazy people.”

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Even producer Jon Kilik admitted that their friendship can bring a tear to the eye. Usually with frustration from them prancing around together, but still a tear: "Right up until you call 'Action', they’re goofing around, making jokes, throwing things at each other, then BOOM they’re locked into it."

Jennifer and Josh

And Jen returns the favour in typical J-Law style, by admitting that she loves her BFF so much that she can’t help but laugh in his face: “Josh and I have a really hard time acting together, when we have to make eye contact it’s hard for us not to just laugh.”

“I know Josh so well that when he starts acting like a different person, it’s just funny and he feels the same way about me. I’d find that horrible if I was a director and had to come on set and wrangle these children into working.”

AHH it’s so magical. And errr, sorry Gale/Liam Hemsworth, we ‘spose this technically makes you an official third wheel. Awks.

Are you loving these new behind the scenes outtakes of Jennifer and Josh? Are they your fave celeb friendship EVER? Comments in the box, por favor.

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