Miley Cyrus denies she's playing Tinkerbell: 'I'd rather choke on my own tongue'

Miley Cyrus, raunchy leotard enthusiast, habitual tongue sticker-outer and on-stage (fake) masturbator.

Not exactly someone you'd expect to see playing Tinkerbell, is she? Not unless Tinks suddenly decided to invest in some seriously high cut knickers and get her Bangerz out for the world to see.

Miley Tinker Bell

Well, it seems like Miley agrees with us - because she's rubbished claims that she's set to play the fairy in NBC's live musical broadcast of the famous story, saying that basically, she'd rather die. Eep.

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"I would rather choke on my own tongue," Miley tweeted, along with a photo of an article in Star magazine that claimed she signed up for the 'dream role'.

That's probably for the best - we're not sure the world is quite ready for Twekerbell just yet. What do you reckon?

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