Katy Perry turns weather girl in Australia and makes awesome Harry Potter joke - WATCH

When Katy Perry isn't describing snogging Miley Cyrus and delivering babies in people's living rooms, she also has a bit of a sideline career. No, not in singing - it's actually in presenting the weather, at least after she took to Australian breakfast show Sunrise and presented the daily update for the entire nation this week.

Katy Perry presents the weather on Australian TV show Sunrise - images - Sugarscape.com

To be perfectly honest we're not sure Katy should be quitting her day job quite yet, but it's still pretty hilarious to see her attempting to pronounce the names of Australian cities. That said, Dumbledore is probably going to have to have a stern word with K-Pez as she took the opportunity of presenting the weather to reveal the top secret location of Hogwarts.

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If chatting about the weather isn't really your thing, don't worry as you'll probably enjoy the fairly graphic description of Katy helping her sister to give birth by filming the whole thing from an up-the-vag style angle instead.

Lovely. Check it out...

So basically it's Hot 'n' Cold then is it?

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