Mila Kunis makes a cameo on 'Two And A Half Men' with fiance Ashton Kutcher - PICS and VIDEO

As if we didn’t have enough to get excited about when it comes to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, with that big sparkler on her finger and supposed teeny weeny human growing inside of her womb, they’ve only gone and recorded an awesome ep of Two and a Half Men together. HOORAY.

Mila’s made a cameo on Ashton’s hit comedy show, meaning that #Mashton have been reunited on screen in the acting world for the first time since they both became stars in the 90s sitcom, That 70s Show. Yep, it’s well emotional.

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Mila and Ashton

Showing that they’ve got sparkly chemistry on screen as well as off, Mila stars as a hippie chick, free spirited sorta gal called Vivian, who gets cosy with Ashton’s character, Walden.

Although the ep isn’t set to air for another couple of weeks, 21st April at 8pm on Comedy Central to be precise, a couple of sneaky peek clips from their scenes together have been released, and it looks PERFECT, wonderful and lolworthy.

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Mila and Ashton

Proving that they’re basically the world’s best celeb couple, Mila and Ashton poke fun at their own real-life relationship on the show, with Mila saying: "I bet you only date hot actresses," and Ashton replying: "God no, I'd never date an actress. They're all crazy."

CELEB GOSSIP-CEPTION. Where’s Leonardo Dicaprio with his little spinny thing? Is this real life?

Mila and Ashton

Check out the two rather brillo preview clips of Mila and Ashton on Two and a Half Men together - the first one where they basically just make our hearts hurt with how hard we ship ‘em...

And the second one with all the hilarious bits in about sex tapes and crazy famous ladies while they eat some noodles...

Excited to see the full episode of Mila’s cameo? Are her and Ashton your ultimate celeb couple? Comments below please, you lovely lot.

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