Ed Sheeran announces 'The Fault In Our Stars' soundtrack song called 'All Of The Stars'

We were already stupidly excited for John Green's The Fault In Our Stars book to be given the movie treatment, but this news that Ed Sheeran has recorded a song especially for the soundtrack has given us LIFE.

Yep, Ed announced last night that he's recorded a track for the TFIOS movie, which stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, and will be 'out in about a month' according to el Ginger One. 

Ed Sheeran records The Fault In Our Stars song - Ed Sheeran images - sugarscape.com 

Ed casually dropped the news on Twitter (he's loving that at the 'mo, isn't he?) and posted this:

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Short, sweet and to the point. We like it.

Even though it looks like we'll get to hear Ed's track before TFIOS actually hits cinemas, we literally can't even fathom the tears that will gushing from our eyeballs once we hear it in context at the end of the movie. Someone will need to drag us away from that bloody screen.

But what do you make of this super exciting news, eh? Wondering what sort of song he's penned for the film? COURSE YOU ARE. Comments please...

Is Ed Sheeran doing a song for The Fault In Our Stars movie?

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