QUIZ: Which reality show should you be in - Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Geordie Shore?

Time to sort the girls from the parsnips

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Bearing in mind that pressing your nose up against your next door neighbour's window is generally frowned upon in popular society, the next best thing has got to be reality TV.

From having sequins glue gunned to your bits by Amy Childs on TOWIE to throwing drinks over your close acquaintances on Made in Chelsea, the cast of these shows are living the dream.

So if you do quite fancy a career sharing your deepest darkest secrets in public, you should probably take our handy quiz to decide which show you're most suited to starring on.

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Are you a horrifically ugly crier like Kim? Are you up for some argy bargy like, erm, Arg? Do you have a gob like Charlotte Crosby or maybe a bonkers name like Binky? Find out which reality telly show you should join below...

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