Lena Dunham to write Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne cameo roles in Girls?

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Following on from her seminal performance in Valentine's Day, it's probably not a surprise that directors across Hollywood are practically faling over each other to offer Taylor Swift another acting job.

Oh alright, we know it wasn't exactly an Oscar-worthy performance, but apparently it was good enough to make Girls creator Lena Dunham offer her a part in Season 4 of the hit show.

Lena Dunham asks Taylor Swift to appear in Girls Season 4 - Images - Sugarscape.com

Essentially a programme all about twenty-something girls who have a whole lot of boy troubles, there probably couldn't be a better fit for Swifty and apparently pal Lena has asked her to make a cameo appearance next season.

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"Lena's been trying to persuade Taylor to appear in Girls for ages," an insider told Grazia. "Taylor loves the show and has agreed to a cameo."

That's not it though and apparently she could be retiring her microphone for a whole new career and the insider added: "Lena would also love her to take on a more permanent role and pen some music for the show."

Taylor and Cara

Wannabe ctress and pal Cara Delevingne could also be getting in on the act, and the source said: "Taylor told Lena that Cara is a huge fan of Girls. Lena immediately agreed because Cara is her girl crush.

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"She has been in touch with Cara's people already to discuss the idea."

Either way, let's hope Taylor gets a few more lines than she did that time she appeared on New Girl...

We don't know about you, but we're already imagining TayTay partying in an orange string vest. Or maybe a high-necked orange t-shirt is a bit more likely, we're not sure.

Would you like to see this happen?

Let us know below...

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