Kellan Lutz talks Tarzan and loin cloths at the actual zoo: 'If the whole world was naked, that would be amazing' - WATCH

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Remember Kellan Lutz off of Twilight fame? Well he's back and he's just as muscly as ever, which is lucky really because his new movie has had him running about the jungle with nothing more than a loin cloth to cover his bits and pieces.

Kellan Lutz Bristol Zoo with gorillas for new movie Tarzan - Images -

Oh alright, the new version of Tarzan might strictly speaking be an animation, but being a serious actor type, Kellan took the role pretty seriously and as well as learning to speak gorilla, he filmed the whole movie in a motion capture suit.

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Having failed to turn up in a loin cloth when we headed down to Bristol Zoo for a chat in the gorilla house, we were a bit disappointed. That said, the king of the jungle didn't actually wear one while filming either - but only because he prefers to be butt naked when communing with nature.

Telling us about having to be naked under the skin-tight suit he filmed in, Kellan said: "You want to free ball it. You just want to be bare so it fits properly. There's no room to wear anything underneath."

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Not that he'd be bothered about wearing anything other than a loin cloth for the rest of his life either, as he explained: "I love walking around my place naked all the time. If the whole world was naked, that would be amazing."

Have a watch of the full interview below and check him out having a little chat with his gorilla pals at the beginning too.


Good to know.

So what do you make of all that? Reckon Kellan would make a good king of the jungle?

Let us know in the box below...

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