If we were gonna prank Cheryl Cole, we’d go for something along the lines of Geordie being made the new Queens English, or making Nadine Coyle turn up unannounced for an X Factor audition, but Simon Cowell isn’t quite as naturally HILARIOUS as we are, and opted for something a bit more, err… crap.

Uncle Si decided to kick off a prank war with Chezza during the Manchester X Factor auditions this week, by liquidising her sushi lunch in a blender. Uh ohhh, you're asking for trouble, Cowell.

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Cheryl and Simon

An insider revealed to The Sun that Simon clearly needs a few lessons in the art of the practical joke, as the best he could do was to ask one of "his minions" to collect her sushi, blend it up and give her Fish a la Squish for her dinner "presented as a cocktail".

Think he might have got his reality shows mixed up a bit. This isn’t I’m A Celeb y’know, Simon?

Also, we're now imagining all the X Factor runners to look like the minions from Despicable Me.

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Anyway, unsurprisingly Cherl “wasn’t impressed” by Simon’s slightly lame attempt at a prank, and we can imagine she was probably just quite annoyed to be missing out on her California rolls. DAMMIT COWELL.

Cheryl Cole

We have a feeling that this won’t be the last we hear of Simon vs Cheryl during the upcoming series. If we were him, we’d be sleeping with one eye open because no one messes with the Chezza and gets away with it.

What do you reckon to Simon’s prank? Reckon she’ll get him back twice has hard? Comments below you lot.


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