One Direction turned down the chance to appear on Glee - Kevin McHale reveals they became 'too big and too busy'

Can you imagine anything more brilliant than One Direction popping down to McKinley High for a sing song - maybe with Harry wearing a cheerleader’s costume, Liam dressed as Leeroy to help with choreography, and Niall for the shimmy. Of course you can’t, there IS nothing more brilliant.

So we’re officially sulking today, as Glee star Kevin McHale has revealed that the boys actually turned down the chance to make a cameo on the show, blaming their crazy busy schedule for our lack of New Directioners/One Direction collab. Ugh.

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1D on Glee

Way back in February it was rumoured that we’d be getting a sprinkling of 1D in an upcoming episode of Glee, when Matthew Morrison spilled that the cast were really keen for the boys (complete with Uncle Si) to make an appearance.

Visions of Harry and Niall joining the Glee club as super hot nerds in bow ties, and Zayn, Liam and Louis being well sexy jocks with suppressed musical passions broke us out in light sweats. It pretty much wrote itself.

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But Kevin who plays Artie on the show has admitted to The Sun that, although the show’s creator Ryan Murphy did try his very best to land a cameo for the boys, he missed the boat a bit and they just became way too famous.

He said: “We wanted them on the show badly and I thought it might happen at one time. But then they just became too big, too busy.”

1D on Glee

Well there go our dreams of angelic harmonies and jazz hands. The only way we'll ever get over this disappointment is if we get a One Direction West End musical as a compromise.

Are you gutted to hear that the 1D-Glee dream is over? Reckon they should pop up as a surprise appearance in the grand finale or something? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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