THE HUNGER GAMES EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Banks emailed her way to Effie role

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Effie in The Hunger Games is a role that most actresses dream of playing, so when Elizabeth Banks heard her mate Gary Ross was directing the film she was first in line to pester him.

"I really loved the book, I was an early adapter, I read them before they were bestsellers and was on the pre-order waitlist for Mockingjay,” she told us.

“Gary and I made Seabiscuit together, so when he got the job I knew the book was in great hands. He and I are friends so I just sent him an email like ‘I love these books and I would love to play Effie’, and he just sent me one back like, ‘Yeah, that’s great Banks, I need to find Katniss.’ 'Cause I think I emailed him like, the DAY after he got the job!”

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See, being a pain in the bum really can pay off.

The actress also expressed her happiness at getting to play a lovable villain.

"I just think she’s a very fun character to play, I had a great time playing her. I went to drama school and when you’re in drama school you get to play those kinds of characters all the time, and then you think, you’ll go out into the world and never get to do that, to play someone so theatrical and over the top. She’s a villain but she’s very loveable. She’s comic relief but there’s so much going on with her. Every conversation that I had with Gary was to make sure that she was not written off as comic relief, that there was more to her.”

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Unsurprisingly the part Banksy enjoyed the most about playing Effie was watching her “appear” in the mirror.

"It was really fun to watch myself disappear in the mirror every day and watch Effie appear. We had an ‘aha’ moment every day, sometimes when the lip went on, or when the hat went on, or the shoe you know, because everything contributed to the character. The clothes are very restricting, and a great reminder that she lives in a totalitarian regime, the hair – we drew a lot of comparisons to Marie Antoinette when we were crafting her look. She is the latter day Effie, she sat in the castle and said let them eat cake. She was the 1%, and the 99% starved around her. She didn’t seem to care. (laughs)”

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