Niall Horan & Louis Tomlinson deny One Direction Nickelodeon show AGAIN

After all the hoo-hah about One Direction having a new project with Nickelodeon - which Nickelodeon then confirmed on their Twitter feed - the One Direction boys have been quick to deny any knowledge of all these orange-themed goings on.

Liam and Niall said they had no knowledge of any such thing last week, and now Louis has stepped in too. So's Niall, but he just likes a chat doesn't he?

louis tomlinson and niall horan

"Yeah, funnily enough I think there must have been some misunderstanding," Louis told InDemand radio.

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"We are doing the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, but as far as a TV show goes we haven’t sat down and had that conversation and to be honest, if it was up to me personally; I just want to focus on the music for now.

"I think there must have been some kind of misunderstanding there.”

niall horan and louis tomlinson

"It's nothing that I know about. There's no sign of a TV show in the pipeline," Niall's also said this week.

"Nickelodeon have been amazing to us. They have helped us out so much while we've been here, and we're performing on the Kids' Choice Awards with Katy Perry."

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Wel, with all this free time they now have (that was never taken up with a TV show in the first place but whatevs...) we think it's about time they got down to that topless macarena routine they've been promising (in our minds).

Don't you?

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