Rihanna says she was 'scared to s**t' by Battleship role

Anybody who has watched Queen of pop (yes, we’re giving her the crown) Rihanna strutting her stuff on stage wouldn’t think she could be intimidated by anything, right?

Wrong. The ‘We Found Love’ singer has admitted that she was ‘a wreck’ when it came to filming Battleship - her first foray in to the world of Hollywood - alongside experienced actors.

Rihanna was scared about her role in battleship

Ri laughed off the idea that her co-stars Taylor Kitsch and Brooklyn Decker were nervous about working with her, telling MTV news: “I was the one that was intimidated.

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“There was nothing for them to be intimidated about. I was the wreck. I was a wreck, just like, scared to s**t. Especially when Liam Neeson showed up to set."

Phew, so even celebrities as fierce as RiRi get nervous - good to know.

Rihanna nervous by battleship role

Luckily, it seems the cast were a nice bunch, and made Rihanna feel right at home – they even offered her acting advice and everything.

"You know, we have a mutual respect for each other's industry. I was walking into this as an amateur - a complete amateur,” said Rihanna.

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"I didn't know anything and I had a good team to learn from. I watched them, and especially Taylor, 'cause we did a lot of scenes together and he would always offer me advice."

Rihanna was intimidated by filming battleship

Well, it seems that advice has paid off, because Ri’s rumoured to have been cast in another film – this time as a villain in The Fast and The Furious 6, alongside Vin Diesel and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Now if we were going to be intimidated by anyone, it would be those two. Have you seen the SIZE of them?

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