Robert Pattinson chats up a mystery blonde in new Cosmopolis clip

Robert Pattinson’s latest film Cosmopolis is a whole world away from the romance-filled Twilight Saga – as this newly released clip from the movie shows.

Rob is seen hitting on a blonde girl, who refuses accompany his billionaire character to a hotel for – we assume – some afternoon delight. Is she crazy?

Robert pattinson in new cosmopolis clip

Maybe, but not as stark-raving bonkers as the men who walk in to the shop, chant stuff about a spectre haunting the world, then chuck some dead rats about.

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Watch the video below if you don’t believe us. Oh, and ignore the weird subtitles – unless you can understand them of course, then read away.

What do you think, will you be watching? One thing we can say is that Mr Pattinson is rocking that suit.

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