Glee to make a second Britney Spears episode?

That Glee lot really do love Britney don’t they?

The hit TV show may have already honored the pop titan with an entire episode dedicated to her in the second series… but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to do it again!

Glee to make a second Britney episode

According to Entertainment Weekly, the second Britney Spears tribute is set to be an early episode of the fourth series, and: “will feature eight of her songs, but won’t focus on the character of Britney (Heather Morris) as the first tribute did.”

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It’s also been announced that the new series of Glee will be shown directly after The X Factor USA – on which Britters is a judge – meaning that American viewers will get a WHOLE HOUR of Britney time. Jealous, us?

Britney Spears to be in second glee episode

The first Glee episode to center around Britney was the highest rated of the ENTIRE show to date – so we don’t blame producers for wanting to do it all (oops I did it)* again.

What do you think? What songs would you like to hear?

*We apologise for squishing in a song title there. We just couldn't resist.

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