Rufus Hound leaves Celebrity Juice mid-series and labels it 'The Keith Lemon Show'

Rufus Hound has confirmed that he will no longer be appearing on ITV2 show Celebrity Juice – and it sounds as though he’s in a right old strop about it.

Fans of the celebrity-based panel show - which sees host Keith Lemon being delightfully rude along with team captains Holly ‘Willough-booby’ and Fearne Cotton – may have noticed the Hound’s absence in the last few episodes.

Rufus Hound leaves celebrity juice

Gosh that's quite a scary photo of him isn't it?

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ANYWAY. Now Rufus, who was a staple on the show for a number of series, has confirmed that he will not be returning – fuelling rumours of a rift at the same time.

He told Digital Spy that he is “not on that show anymore” before making some rather snide comments about Keith Lemon.

Rufus hound leaves celebrity juice

"Celebrity Juice is the Keith Lemon show isn't it," he said. "So as long as Keith's there most people are getting everything they want from it. So onwards and upwards for them."

Oooooo, is it just us, or was that last comment actually dripping in sarcasm?

We wonder what happened to cause all this tension. Perhaps Keith tried to shave of the Hound's famous moustache. Or touch his moob. 

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