EEEK: Preview of new Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer released

Hold on to your hats people, because a preview of the brand spanking new teaser trailer for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 has JUST been released, and it's all kinds of epic.

The 14 second clip outlines the basic plot of the Twilight Saga's last installment - namely that the Volturi are coming for the Cullens, because they believe Edward and Bella's half human/half vampire child Renesmee is a threat.

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New teaser trailer released for breaking dawn part 2

Remember, this is the teaser for the full teaser trailer, which is to be released tomorrow at noon. Confused? We were too. Basically it means EVEN MORE TWILIGHT TRAILER FUN tomorrow. Which is fine with us.

For now, watch Kristen Stewart being all Vampish, and Robert Pattinson looking fit (what a DILF) in the teaser-teaser trailer below, then tell us what you think!

See? 14 seconds of pure, frickin' awesomeness. It's also wet our appetite for tommorrow's longer trailer, which was probably the idea.

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