Beyonce, Josh Hutcherson and Amanda Seyfried star in new film 'Epic'

The makers of Ice Age and Rio have lined up another film-based treat for us - in the form of brand new animated flick, Epic.

And boy, does it have a star-studded cast!

Epic trailer

Teeanger Mary Katherine is transported to a magical land - inhabited by little leaf people, talking slugs and birds that you can ride - where she must join forces with a band of weird and wonderful creatures to save their world, and her own.

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Think Avatar crossed with John Carter.

Mama Mia! star Amanda Seyfried is Mary Katherine, while none other than Beyonce plays Queen Tara! Josh Hutcherson, Collin Farrell and Jackass Johnny Knoxville also provide voices for the film. Wowzah.

Have a watch of this trailer, premiered on The Sun website, then tell us what went on in that noggin of yours.

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