Ed Sheeran wants 'gritty' acting role in Trainspotting prequel

Ed Sheeran’s music can tickle our ear drums and pull on our heart strings like nobody’s business – but the ginger genius has revealed that he’d also consider branching out in to the world of acting. Ooooooooo.

Don't start imagining Ed taking the lead role in a rom-com type film though, oh no. Ed wants to get gritty.

Ed Sheeran wants to be in Trainspotting prequel

The 'Small Bump' singer admitted that he'd love a part in a film adaptaton of Irvine Welsh novel 'Skagboys' - the prequel to hit 1996 flick Trainspotting. It's about drugs n stuff innit.

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He told The Sun: "If I ever did anything, I'd love to do something like Skagboys, a gritty Brit flick. Because I'm a bit clean cut and a bit smiley, it would be good to do something very out of the ordinary."

Ed Sheeran wants gritty acting role in trainspotting

"I did National Youth Theatre when I was 16. I can hold a tune but my acting is not quite up to the same standard yet."

Skagboys tells the story of how the characters in the original film become involved in the drug scene - and if it's ever made in to a film, well, Ed wants in.

What do you think? Can you imagine Ed getting all rough, tough and junkie-esque?

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