Review: Magic Mike

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So what’s it about then?

To be honest, all it took was a mention of male strippers to get us out the door and down the cinema but as well as getting to grips with the world of men taking their clothes off for a living, the story is actually based around Channing Tatum's own illustrious past as an exotic dancer.

A member of a male dancing troupe, Mike (Channing) recruits a new stripper who ends up causing them all to get into a fair few scrapes as they navigate the tricky task of juggling their unusual careers with partying and picking up the ladies.

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Watch channing tatum and alex pettyfer naked and thrusting in new magic mike trailer

Anyone good in it?

Well, now you mention it there are a couple who rather stand out, namely Channing who plays the lead alongside his bulging and very flexible muscles. Saying that, there's also the dreamy Alex Pettyfer, who takes to the screen as new recruit The Kid, and of course Matthew McConaughey, who stars as slippery club owner and  thrusting entrepreneur Dallas.

Out of the girls we were most curious about Alex's love interest Zora who is played by his real-life fiancé and granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Riley Keough.

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If it won any Oscars they would be for…

Services rendered to the glorification of rubbing your crotch in someone's face.

But these bits should have been left on the cutting room floor:

We would never even begin to suggest binning any of the naked man bits, but we have to say that we found the ending a tad confusing. Mainly as it's one of those weird ones that just doesn't really clear up any of the things that you REALLY want to know. Plus Channing was wearing clothes, which is always a waste of his potential.

Topless moments?

Let's put it this way, it's more unusual for the cast to be dressed than it is for them to be swanning about with their rather drool-worthy abs on show. Not that we're even slightly complaining.

Magic Mike Pics

Actual ‘ohmygod I nearly wet myself laughing’ bits?

The stand out moment has to be a plastic gun waving Alex running off from a fight with a room full of Frat boys, especially as he's wearing nothing but a thong and a policeman's hat. The real-life male strippers sitting next to us in the cinema looked like they were actually weeing with joy too.

Face-covering from fear bits?

While the whole stripping aspect is nearly always hilarious, the story itself has a few moments that strum on the old heartstrings. Although we can't help fancying the novelty thong off Alex's character, that boy certainly has some emosh issues he needs to sort out and there are some drug-related bits that definitely had us hiding behind our popcorn.

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Key cringes:

The first time Alex's character attempts to do a sexy dance the whole of our insides shrivelled up in embarrassment, although to be fair, we were chuckling like loons at the same time.

Notes from the fashion police:

Matthew is definitely the main offender, mainly due to his love of neon crop tops and leather chaps.

Magic Mike Pics

Music maestros will love:

It's Raining Men, obviously.


Dry to moist with a splash of giggle induced snorting.

Magic Mike pics

After watching this, on the manly-man scale (of Louis Tomlinson – Sylvester Stallone) we felt like:

Zac Efron. This film requires a man not only a man who knows his bodypop from a drop n' lock, but one who won't flee in terror at having another man's crotch rubbed on his face. Maybe more one for your BFFs than your boyf.

Final verdict: (OMG = amazing, LOL = funfest, MEH = would maybe watch again if nothing at all was on, FML = never, ever again):

OMG. With knobs on.

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