Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Tisdale for Scary Movie 5?

Let’s be honest, Lindsay Lohan’s career hasn’t exactly been the stuff dreams are made of thus far.

Apart from Mean Girls of course. Mean Girls is AWESOME.

Lindsay Lohan for Scary Movie 5?

Well, it seems Li-Lo might be getting back on track, because the star is rumoured to be lined up for the fifth instalment in the Scary Movie franchise.

According to the New York Post, Lindz – who was found unconscious in her hotel room while filming her latest project, an Elizabeth Taylor biopic – met with Dimension Films head Bob Weinstein to discuss joining the cast last week.

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Ooo Bobby, are you quite sure you know what you're letting yourself in for? JUST LOOK WHAT LINDSAY DID TO HER CAR RECENTLY.

LIndsay Lohan to star in Scary Movie 5?

Ashley Tisdale is also said to be up for a role in the spoof film series, which has previously starred Charlie Sheen, Anna Faris and Carmen Electra.

Actually, we reckon Li-Lo could be pretty good at taking the mickey out of herself and making us laugh. And hey, who knows? Maybe some of Ashley's squeaky-clean-goodness will rub off on her.

LIndsay Lohan and Ashley Tisdale to star in Scary Movie 5?

What do you think, would you like to see the pair of actresses starring alongside each other?

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