Britney Spears walks off X Factor after dodgy drag act

We always had Britney Spears pegged as a love all serve all type, but apparently the love doesn’t extend to dodgy drag acts auditioning on The X Factor USA.

According to the Mail Online, Brit was so annoyed by a bloke dressed as a woman who performed her vintage hit, You Drive Me Crazy, that she stormed off the stage. LA Reid and Demi Lovato soon followed suit, leaving just Simon Cowell to watch the bloke murder the song.

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A witness told the paper: “LA Reid couldn't stand it any longer; he thinks it’s disrespectful when someone ruins a major artist’s song, especially when they are sitting right in front of them.

“Britney was looking pretty unimpressed and the next thing all three of them just walked off. Simon was left looking lonely on his own at the desk.”

SiCo who had his face covered with his hands throughout the performance told the guy: “I don't think she quite understood your tribute. You've got to be able to sing in tune. There wasn't a note in tune.”

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However Miss Britney Jean couldn’t stay wound up for too long and soon returned to the stage to give Draggy McSpears some feedback.

“I really respect the tribute,” she said.

“It was really nice, but I just don't feel like it's for X Factor. Sorry, sweetie.”

At least she called him sweetie. She’s never called us sweetie. Tyler James called us darling once. That was awesome. Oh and Louis Tomlinson calls us babe. We’ve lost what we were saying…

Britney Spears storms out of The X Factor auditions. Twice.

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