Rupert Sanders will still direct Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, say Universal

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders are probably feeling a whole load of not very nice emotions right now, after their bonky escapades were exposed and splashed all over the front pages of the world's press.

But if getting caught cheating is awkward - imagine then having to WORK with the person you had an affair with. Yeah, awkward doesn't even cover it.

rupert sanders still on direct swath 2

Well, Kstew and Rupert may have to do just that - as Universal have confirmed that ol' Rup is still on to direct Kristen in the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel.

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AGH we can literally feel the tension already.

Universal revealed that at the moment Rupert Sanders is still attached to direct the Snow White follow-up.

HOWEVER, while Kristen 'The Trampire' Stewart is contracted to appear in the second film, The Hollywood Reporter states that Rupert original deal didn't mention a sequel - meaning he could pull out.

Rupert Sanders still on to direct swath 2

It'd probably be a good idea if he did, if only to avoid Charlize Theron's wrath. That's one lady we wouldn't want to p*ss off.

What do you think? Should cheaty-pants Rupert quit the flick, or should he man up and deal with the consequences of his bonking?

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