This new Paranormal Activity 4 trailer made us wee a little bit

We're sure that you lot are way more hardcore than us, and will actually be looking forward to the latest installment of the spooky film franchise Paranormal Activity hitting cinemas.

We, meanwhile, had to watch the brand new trailer from behind our hands, much to the amusement of the rest of the office. THE THINGS WE DO FOR YOU.

Paranormal activity 4 trailer

While Universal have been keeping the plotline for this latest scare-fest under wraps, the slogan "All the activity has led to this" suggests that we're pretty much guarenteed to be cacking our pants the whole way through.

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Watch the trailer below to see a pretty young blonde girl get freaked out by a strange little boy (what is it about children that make them so scary?) before all hell breaks loose in her bedroom.

Yeah, we're definitely not going to be able to sleep tonight. Crapsicles.

What do you think - will you be heading to the flicks to see this when it's released in October?

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